I haven’t written a blog post in some time now so I thought I’d throw out a quick update about what is Currently happening in my little piece of the world…



Currently…. I have just finished one of the busiest weekends of my life as a parent, only to find that it isn’t slowing down anytime soon.  I now have to play catch up with all the other things that I put on the back burner the past few weeks.


Currently…. I am secretly fantasizing about something….. Yeah not what you think, haha!  I am dreaming of running a few marathons this fall.  I haven’t run any serious races in quite some time, but I keep seeing race registrations open up and something inside me wants it so bad!!! BUT, first I MUST get back to running shape!  So, the new goal is to buckle down in an extreme way to see if I can start training by mid July, if I can do it, then I will “run all the races!”   I have actually been running a lot more than I have in months, but I am soooooo sloooooow, and I walk a lot, but I still love it!


Currently…. I am on single digit days until school is out!  My oldest is graduating 8th grade so we have a million end of year things going on!


Currently….  Trying to plan our summer “to-do” list!  We are most likely not going away anywhere because of the kids busy sports/school (my oldest is electively taking summer school classes to get ahead, crazy girl) schedule, so I am hoping to plan lots of fun local things to do!


I have come to the conclusion that there may never be a time where everything slows down and I can catch up, so in the mean time, I am just going to keep swimming…

Saturday Morning Musings and a Spartan WINNER!

Saturday morning, ah how I love you, the only morning all week that I don’t have to get up super early.  This also happens to be the only morning all week that my kids somehow wake up earlier than they ever need to for school (I usually have to drag them kicking and screaming) and in turn wake me up, insisting on needing things, like food…


So this will be the third year I have had a garden.  I started the seeds indoors the same time I did the past two years, but this time, it’s a little different.  I has about 2/3 of the seeds not start at all, grew mold and I ended up throwing them out and starting fresh, the remaining 1/3 went batshit crazy and have grown more than they do, like, all summer already!  The problem however is that we have totally bipolar weather and I can’t plant them outside yet, so my bedroom currently looks like a greenhouse.  I am super happy that they are doing so well, hopefully they continue to thrive until I can plant them in their outside home, and also hopefully the new ones I just started will actually produce something this summer, since they are getting a late start!  I love starting plants from seeds and seeing the whole growing process, not to mention how much less expensive it is to buy seeds as opposed to plants that are already growing and have been treated with god knows what kind of chemicals…


Speaking of my garden, holy pinterest overload on cute ideas for it…  I started one thing that I will hopefully use for flowers in the front, and another that I will use for growing lettuce vertically in the back of the house.  I also just bought supplies to make a trellis for cucumbers, green beans, and snap peas to grow happy on.  I really can’t wait for warmer weather to see all of my million ideas come to life!


Oh wait, back on track, this is a running blog right??? You mean you didn’t come here to read about my garden?? Lol, whoops!  Well technically it’s kind of about healthy eating and well being too so it fits.  My lack of running has me questioning the name “SeeMommyRace” but I do race to pick up the kids from school, race to the grocery store on the way home from dance class, race to the school to volunteer and then home to make dinner.  That counts right?  I mean I do feel like I should earn a medal at the end of the week after remembering everything everyone needs and getting them where they need to go!  Besides that type of racing I did do a few interesting workouts this week, including running around the high school track and going up and down the bleachers.


Lastly, drum roll please……..


Kristin K,

You are the winner of the Spartan race entry giveaway!  Email me at for your code!

Spartan Fit! And a Spartan Race Giveaway!



Joe DeSena is the founder and owner of the Spartan Race, as well as a living legend in endurance and adventure racing circles — he completed the 135-mile Badwater Ultramarathon, raced the 140.6 miles of Lake Placid Ironman, and finished a 100-mile trail run in Vermont, all within one week.  Read that last sentence again to yourself…. really let that sink in, I can’t imagine, beyond impressive.  In 2014, De Sena authored Spartan Up!, the #2 New York Times Bestseller, that changed lives and revealed the secrets to developing the resourcefulness and mental determination needed to become a true Spartan.  Now he has a NEW book coming out called Spartan Fit which you can Pre-Order  HERE.  I mean really, with that athletic resume he has racked up, I think you want to know what he has to say, I am not a “spartan athlete”  but just as a runner, I want his advice!


Here is some info on the new book Spartan Fit…

31 Days. Transform your Mind. Transform Your Body. Commit to Grit. No Gym Required.

  • A 31-day workout and diet plan to prepare for the Spartan Sprint — or to just get you in ultimate shape
  • Full-body workouts requiring no gym and no weights
  • How to build fitness levels from one race to the next
  • Inspiring, motivating stories of Spartans

A complete Spartan training guide, Spartan Fit! arms readers with the strength, knowledge, and grit to never question their potential again, both on and off the race course.


“Joe DeSena is the real deal. His stories are believable, because his achievements and accomplishments are genuine. In Spartan Up! Joe delivers his message with the insight and candor that only an individual who has lived through such experiences can. A must read for anyone looking to take his performance to the next level, be it in athletics or in life.”Dean Karnazes, Ultramarathoner and New York Times bestselling author of Ultra Marathon Man

“If there’s anyone out there who has taken extreme to a new level, its Joe De Sena – in adventure racing, in business, and ultimately in the business of adventure. Spartan Up! is a must-read.”Robyn Benincasa, World champion adventure racer and New York Times bestselling author of How Winning Works

“Have you ever wanted to be more, been stuck in a funk or simply wanted make life poignant? Look no further because Spartan Up! is your catalyst. Loaded with real life inspiration and lessons, Joe De Sena uses his supercharged success in life, business and sports to deliver the nuggets. This is an easy and juicy read; succinct, powerful and relevant.”Ian Adamson, 7x World Champion, 3x World Record Holder, 3x X-Games Medalist. Survival of the Fittest finalist, Badwater Masters champion, published author, Global Director of Research & Education at Newton Running, MS Sports om/Medicine

Spartan Fit will be out early August 2016, mark your calendars!

So after you read Spartan UP and Spartan Fit, you are definitely going to want to run a Spartan race, right??? Well then aren’t you in luck, I have a spartan race entry to give away!  The giveaway is for any open heat (non-confirmed start time) in any Spartan Race in the continental US.  After checking out their website I see that there is even a Kids Spartan race in my area!  I am planning to sign up my 6 & 8 year old, they will love it!!! And I mean if they are doing it, does that mean I should too??? Hmmm, maybe!!

Ok, so here is what you do, comment on this post telling me why I should do a spartan race Smile  For extra entries, do any of the following…

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Be sure to leave a comment letting me know which of these you did so I can add in your extra entries!

I will announce the race entry winner on Friday April 8th!

If you want to register now or have friends interested, you can use code SPARTANBLOGGER to get 10% off of any race registration!

Good Luck and AROO!!!

TOTR Tuesdays On The Run! Dream Sponsor…

Happy Tuesday friends!  Today I am joining the Tuesdays on the Run blog link up with My No-Guilt Life, MCM Mama Runs and Marcia’s Healthy Slice!

This TOTR topic is what would your dream sponsorship or ambassador program be?  Well without much deep thought, my first choice would be….


Brooks, yep love them.  I love their shoes so much, and have just started getting into their running/workout gear.

I have a neutral step when being fitted for running shoes and for years have been going back and forth between Mizuno Wave Riders and Brooks Glycerins.  If I ever pick Mizunos over Brooks it is the cost factor.  They are always on sale, while Brooks rarely are, but then when I wear Mizunos instead I am reminded that you get what you pay for.  I love the extra cushioning in my glycerins, and the wave riders always seems to break down faster.  I can typically wear a pair of Brooks for 400+ miles, while the Mizunos start telling my calves and knees that they need to be retired around 250 miles.  Glycerin11_1000x500

I have explained it to my husband this way.  The Mizunos are like a Ford Escort and the Brooks a Cadillac.  They both get you where you need to go, but the Cadillac is just such a more comfortable ride, smoother and you don’t feel every little bump along the road.  On the other hand, some don’t like the Cadillac because it bulky, just like the Brooks glycerin.

I am looking forward to trying out some Brooks trail shoes at a fun run coming up that is hosted by a local running store!

Another thing I LOVE about Brooks is their happy happy positivity in their advertisements.  Their booths at race expos are always the place to be, so much fun happening. Also, I know you have seen their #RunHappy Movement.  So fun!



I love this so much because I am a slow runner, I have never really tried to be “fast”.  I just like to “run happy”.  Trying to run fast is so stressful, to me it takes the fun out, I’d rather just run happy Smile

So if anyone knows someone at Brooks, let them know I would be happy to represent…. Hey a girl can dream right??

Esprit De She March Madness Giveaway!

I have super exciting news!  I have a cute Moxie jersey to giveaway!  If you haven’t heard, Moxie has the best stuff ever for cycling and running.  Here is how you can enter to win…

Register for ANY Esprit De She event using my ambassador code GEDS16AMB056.  This code will not only save you $5, but you are automatically entered to win this Moxie Color Block shirt ($55 value) !  Every ambassador has one to give away so your odds are very good, you aren’t just thrown into a drawing with hundreds of other participants!


Check out the website to find the race closest to you and register.  There is a Triathlon AND a 5k right in my area!

Go register now and this could be yours!  Make sure you put in my referral code GEDS16AMB056 to be entered to win and to save $5!! The contest is open now through April 15, I will pick the winner shortly after!



Friday Five!

Hey Guys!  I am linking up for a  Friday Five by Courtney, Mar and Cynthia at Eat Pray Run DC, Mar on the Run and You Signed up for What?!

1. It’s Good Friday, my husband is off work, the kids are home from school, and I am still in my pj’s trying to decide on a workout for the day.  I think I might jump rope, lol, doesn’t that sound funny?? Well I bought a weighted jump rope a few months ago and haven’t tried it yet.  I need to do some sort of core work too, maybe one of the many at-home work outs I pinned on pinterest!


2. I bought this laptop lap desk and am currently using it for the first time!  I love being able to sit in bed and be on my computer, since the little crazies have taken over the rest of the house and my room is the quietest place I can find, lol!  I got it for only a few dollars from the site (regular price $43!).  You get great deals in exchange for leaving a product review on Amazon.  Try it out!  (the jump rope I mentioned was also from this site, regular price $18, I “snagged” it for $1.49!)


3.  Easter is this weekend!  The Easter bunny is all ready to give the kiddos a few fun surprises, and we are debating what to make for our Easter Dinner.  Most of our family is out of town so we are just going low key and staying home.  We have decided not to go traditional with ham or whatever.  The current options on the table are mexican fiesta, or grilled steaks… Anyone have any better ideas?


4.  My 8 year old son bought a book at his school book fair this week on coding.  I think its so awesome.  So awesome in fact that I asked him to read it and then teach me, lol.  I have no idea about coding but I would love to learn.  That actually brings me to my last thought….


5.  I am taking to the next level and going self hosted.  For you other bloggers, you know what a big step this is.  For non-bloggers, I am switching to having to do everything on my own (instead of easy point and click website that I currently use where you add the content and they do it for you, but it is also very limiting).  I have done all the research and backed up everything for the transition, and am hoping to pull the plug this week.  Wish me luck!



Have a great weekend!  I am off to jump rope, LOL!

A little mud and a little sparkle

A little mud and a little sparkle have gotten me back in a good place this week.

First the mud…

If anyone noticed, SeeMommyRace sort of dropped off for quite a while now.  The past year has been, sort of, well, trying?

I have been trying to manage some anxiety issues for just over a year now.  I went the traditional route by going to my doctor and trying out a medication.  It worked great, I didn’t feel anxious at all.  I felt extremely calm almost all the time.  The bad side though was that I was so “calm” that I lost motivation to work out!  I was perfectly content sitting and doing nothing.  That led to a significant weight gain.  I don’t want to continue to gain weight so I am trying to use some not so traditional ways to relieve anxiety such as essential oils and natural supplements.  I am feeling more like my old self, more motivated to get back to a work out/ healthy eating routine.

So!  On Monday I went to run at a local trail and it was amazing!  I got pretty muddy, but it was so much fun.  I am incredibly slow, and ran/walked most of it, but I think I smiled the entire time.  I have never been a huge outdoorsy type person but I just love being in the woods running trails.


Now for the sparkle…

My youngest just turned 6. She has the biggest personality you have ever seen for such a little person.  She sings, dances, basically does whatever she wants without fear of what anyone thinks.  She was performing a very dramatic number in the living room last night and my husband said to her, “Emily, don’t ever change”.  Him saying that has had me thinking all day.  Don’t let anyone dull your sparkle.  Do what makes you happy.  Be like Emily!

silly emilyemilyonhorse

Writing this blog makes me happy, so I am going to do it more!


A few days ago my oldest daughter was reading something over my shoulder that I was typing and she told me “you word things well”.  My first thought was that I was super happy she said “well” and not “good”, lol, because I am an uneducated grammar nazi, but also she is 13 and never likes anything I do, haha!.  SO get ready guys, I am back to writing and running and overloading the internet with unnecessary selfies. Smile

Can’t let the naysayers dull my sparkle, right??